The landscape and the buildings become work, experience, transmission, and the expression of creation. The project has a name: Favolus.

Cultural Heritage : the 13th century castle 
Creation: the future contemporary garden and the transformation of the farm into a work of art.
Transmission : the training of apprentice painters and the perennial work of artists.


The conjunction of such a whole – castle, garden, building, sculptures – for a global project is unusual.
This concept is a gamble on the future. Favolus will be valued as a work of art
but it will also have to be wondered and assessed how far it corresponds to something our times require.
Favolus is a work of art offered to all, and part of the landscape.

Our ambition was to prove Dostoievski right when he said “Beauty will save the world”.

“Art is the shortest path from Man to man”- André Malraux
The Unicorn’s Workshop will bear witness to one’s ability to create, it will be a place where to be initiated and sensitised to Art, and it will be open to the public.
We are gradually appropriating the building, meanwhile giving it meaning.