After an eventful year in 2011 – three exhibitions (Nérac, Pujols, Saint-Emilion) meeting with various degrees of success,
the important order placed for a painting after Saint-Emilion, four jobs with the Workshop (Editions du Sablier,
a private contract in Dordogne, the coloring of the multi-purpose room at Sainte Catherine private high school
and the Chapel of Peace in Villeneuve sur Lot)
, the follow-up and life of the Way of the Cross in Bias (the artists' mass, shown in Lourdes in October),
two training courses (July and October), Louise Peltier's and Augustin Frison-Roche's first large exhibition, Louise Peltier's first book in April –
we are less under pressure.

We are making the most of this to structure and define ourselves.
We are thus entirely redoing the Internet site – as you can see – to become more effective.
We are also overhauling and creating pieces of furniture to start a collection of a decoration of a table.
Lastly, we are preparing a pictorial creation ("The Giants") from two dozen planks of old oak (400 years old).
The Giants now finished (june 2012)

On the other hand, we are also continuing our negotiations aiming at our deepest goal:
finding places where to work. And if these projects do come true, they will not be endorsed until another year.
And then it will mean we will have a whole year of work ahead of us.

Meanwhile, Augustin Frison-Roche is training to master the art of stone-cutting. This can only expand the possibilities of the Workshop.