"Florebo quo ferar"

Why Favolus?

Because a place intimately blending our cultural heritage, creation and transmission doesn't exist (yet).
Because art schools in France no longer ensure the transmission of technical and artistic knowledge.

Because the total collusion between the State and Financial Art no longer enables to express oneself through normal channels.
Because it is necessary to give back to art its power of transitus, of moving from the visible to the invisible.
Because art cannot be trivial, and boil down to a decorative easel painting or intellectual provocation.
Because art has everyone working on a common, not selfish achievement.

Because art takes its meaning with and from its environment, from a place, a use and a function.
Because the artist has to offer people a public work, and not a discourse.
Because, far from fashionable transience, plastic arts have always tended towards continuity.
Because it is necessary to find solutions to the dead-end art finds itself in nowadays, with current art being only needless repetition and destruction.
Because creating a global project with a goal in the long run is being clear-sighted, developing one's conscience and delighting in it.