The Place

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In Bias, near Villeneuve-sur-lot, in the heart of South-Western France

-1/ the soul and beauty of a several hundred years old castle : The castle of  Favols
2/ the transformation of an ancient building into a work of art: the Unicorn’s Workshop
3/ the creation of a contemporary garden: The Elementary Garden


The site of Favols has been inhabited since the 10th century. The oldest part of the castle dates back to the 13th century.
It has belonged to the same family since 1862. Two rooms are dedicated to exhibitions of works of art.

The old frame, made of unbaked clay, of the Unicorn’s Workshop is now the material on which to work.
Artists intervene from the very beginning, both outside and inside, and must respect a number of choices –
they must transform and respect a former building, work collectively
and with specialists of other fields, be professional, keep an artistic frame of mind, create interior elements such as furniture, experiment both novel and traditional solutions.
The whole site will be open to the public.