I am the present. I am no longer the future. Around me, two young people are following the path.
Each one is entirely in charge of what is written on this page.
One summer day, a young man came to me and asked me to have him as an apprentice, as in good old days, taking me at my words.
Augustin Frison-Roche
 was born in 1987. After literary studies and a degree in history, he decided to try it out as an artist.
His decision is a sign of strength, not of weakness. Art is not the preserve of losers and marginals.
After two years spent working together, which were for me, and hopefully for him, a wonderful experience, we are to stop working together on a daily basis.
He has moved two hours' drive from the workshop. But we have decided to work together on my projects when possible.
May he be thanked for stimulating me, and also for putting up with me during two years. The experience has proved to be conclusive, and I am ready to try it again.

Louise Peltier is continuing her training as a painter in Belgium.

Louise Peltier, my daughter, has also decided to become a painter. She was born in 1989 and studies at Brussels' Royal Academy. She is now preparing her master's degree.
The father-daughter relationship made it necessary for her to go and practice elsewhere and make her own experiments.

They put up a common exhibition at Eglise Sainte-Foy in Pujols, in August 2011.
It turned out to be a real success whose common theme was – "From chaos to order"

These young people are the future. They look at the job from the right angle of work, technique, demand, and reflection.

They will need ten or fifteen years for their work and talent to mature. And I couldn't wish anything better for them.