Little by little, I hope I will be able to give up classic exhibitions, where painters hang their navel on walls for buyers to choose it depending on their wallpaper.
I definitely position myself far from the two forms of post-Renaissance academism: commercial art, as well as financial art, and post-impressionist as well as post-modern contemporary art.

I am “post” nothing. I belong to today, and I simply try to give meaning back to an art which has lost it.
In 1950, 80% of the art market was French, 40% in 1990, 5% nowadays. The number of artists making a living from their paintings in France has kept shrinking. Is it with Buren, Boltanski and others that art will find its meaning again, as well as popular support? The USA and GB are taken over by Asian countries. Out of conceit and sterility we have become marginal and tacky with a contemporary Art which does not concern the people.


We must go back to the principles. From the Chauvet caves to graffs, not forgetting Lascaux, Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe – and I am not even referring to Egypt and other civilizations – we must master space again so as to try and transcend it. Favolus is an attempt going in this direction. To get out of the dead-end. It will only happen if our civilization is capable to pull itself together, and if this creation is truly necessary. For art is nothing but the mirror of the world in which it thrives. You are the ones who will decide of Favolus’ fate. I propose, because I believe this can be a solution.
“Do not paint what you see, but what is. Do not paint the Reality, but Truth”, my master Omer Van de Weyer used to say. This is still my leading principle.