While browsing this site, you must have understood that it is difficult to draw a line between painting, “Favolus”, and decoration.
For it is, in fact, the same thing.
The work of art is one, coherent, since it is the embodiment of my commitment and I am one.
The principles are simple:
painting is conceiving a synthetic whole of shapes and color, so as to serve (one thought, one place, one use, one function) thanks to skills and knowledge.
It means enchanting the world – not running away from it.
So as to be able to make what we are working for come true, we need:

  1. places and orders to make a perennial, specific and meaningful work come true – not mere exhibitions
  2. dedications and patronage to fund projects such as Favolus and others
  3. someone who helps us communicate through a real partnership with shared risks, not a mere payment in exchange for services. Financial and legal advice as well.
  4. To carry on working with apprentices having intellectual and human qualities – someone who is hard working, flexible, enthusiastic.
    This apprenticeship is unpaid: master and apprentice both give.
  5. Someone who has ideas and can manage the by-products of my works.
    The rights on by-products yield more than the selling price of the works. For the time being I have no by-products.
  6. I am open to any idea or proposition that is out of the ordinary, as long as it enables my work to stick to my frame of mind.
  7. I am ready to work on projects abroad, as indeed I am trying to get out of the French market which does not satisfy me.

Thanks for the time you have granted me.