Respect of the past
Creation in the Present
Transmission towards the Future

Painting is a place, a use and a function, all of these being places to inhabit for a perennial work.  
The painter must go back to his/her real vocation: to turn Art into a « Transitus », that is, a way to make the invisible visible.
I organise « classic » exhibitions, because I hope they will help me meet the people who one day will enable me to step towards my real goal !
But I do wish that one day I won’t have to do that anymore.

House of God or disorderly house, I can paint one or the other. But not the same thing – place, use and function differ.
The painting takes its meaning from what surrounds it.
The Way of the Cross at Notre Dame de Bias (2010) was the first time I reached my goal.

I am looking for places where people can go freely and where I can work on a perennial basis
in harmony with the architecture, the use and function of the place.