What is the common point between these four rooms ?

None ?
Well, look again, there is !
The four rooms were treated as a coherent whole, a global concept.
Each room is a masterpiece which depends on :
architecture, use and function
The room is a picture.
The room’s composition needs to be defined. To that end, we must pay attention to the place it is set in. This means adapting to architecture.
It is also necessary to understand the use of the place: the same picture, the same room will not be devised for a brothel or an oratory. This means adapting to use.
We must listen to the sponsors and understand what function they have in mind for the room. For some, the bedroom is a place where to sleep, for others it is a bridal room or a bachelor apartment. This means adapting to function.
We are not decorators but painters. We mean to come up with an original artistic creation, which means direct work and independence, in the choice of colors, material and shapes.
The painter knows – to paraphrase Mozart – how to choose “colors, material and shapes which love each other”.
We have chosen the path of global conception through plastic coherence, a single message, responsibility and reasoned exaltation.
A global conception can be carried out by one person only – and his or her advisers – but outside contributors may be asked to join in and help its achievement.
We may be seen as designers of work-of-art-places, who effectively carry out a more or less large part of it, assisted by quality artists and craftsmen.