We are looking for Beauty.

We believe the quest for beauty is necessary and we claim, along with Dostoievski, that "Beauty will save the world".
Our lives as artists consist in seeking – unsatisfactorily – beauty, and catching scraps of it
that we can share with our contemporaries and future generations.

We are building a common work of art.
We believe in the value of putting together talents in a common work of art which exceeds the sum of our contributions.

We are professionals.
We believe that art is knowledge acquired through time and work. We believe that none other than time can qualify our work,
but also that our duty is to create professional works of art.

We want to pass on knowledge.
That very knowledge that was given to us by our masters, through reflexion, time and work.
We feel the duty to pass it on in a world of immediate needs where knowledge (technical, but also intellectual and spiritual) is threatened.

We are independent and confident in the future.
The public and professionals refuse the official art of speech, provocation and destructuration.
We refuse all forms of academism, whether they be modern or post-modern.
We would rather trust our job. Every one of us works with varying talent, all willing to offer man real hope, a real joy in creation.