The Trainig Course

The training course deals with painting on glaze, with successive transparent layers.
The spirit of the technique of Flemish primitives totally corresponds to current art.
This course is not only a workshop on pictorial techniques, but also an approach to painting, its roles and means. It is open to beginners under two indispensable conditions: a minimum quality to the drawing, and the desire to consider painting as important.
The course is demanding and directive, and requires personal investment. It is not a leisure course, but a session fraught with reflection and work.

We will lay the stress on two axes: on the one hand, the acquisition of a technique, and on the other hand, the development of a creative and independent spirit. Painting is similar to an intelligible language. The painter must therefore know what he or she wants to say, and how to say it.
The aim of the course is to give the learners tools so that they can work at home and move forward in their art. You will not bring home "pretty", complete paintings, but a method. Through discussion, we will see technique as a developer, but we will also talk about the history of thought in art, and the painter's work.
We will have lunch all together, which will make it possible to fill in everyone's requests informally.
To ensure a quality work, the number of trainees is limited to a maximum of 10 enrolled students, and it will take place only if a minimum of 5 students has registered.
The price of the course, including teaching, the part of the material which is at your disposal, and lunch, is €600 for the week.
The price does not include dinner and accommodation. If you wish to come with people who might want to visit the region during the course, they may have lunch with us for €10 a meal.